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Maria Giorgio
Trinity Academy
Caldwell (Essex)
Elaine Robinson
Academy of Saint Paul
Ramsey (Bergen)
Dottie Zobek
Good Shepherd Academy
Irvington (Essex)
Mrs. Amanda Baier
St. Leo's School
Elmwood Park (Bergen)

Sunshine at the End of a Storm

The car was barreling down the road and into the darkness. "Maybe if they could just see things from my side," Jake shouted above the blare of the thumping bass from the car's speakers. As he shot down the road at a dizzying speed, Jake was unaware of the sharp curve looming in front of him. But the realization came too late! Jake was gripped by terror as he lost control of his beloved red Challenger, swerved off the road and into the chasm below.

The reality of his predicament slowly set in as Jake attempted in vain to extricate himself from the tangled wreck. Very suddenly and without warning, Jake became aware of the car being pulled! But by what or whom? He twisted and turned his body to see what had grabbed hold of his car! His heart was beating wildly; the only sound he could hear was the blood pounding in his ears. "Please God," he prayed, "please don't let me die here alone."

Jake thought of his family as he was being dragged away. He thought of his parents and how they would be worried about him. He thought about all they had done for him. Why did he do drugs while driving at high speeds on a winding road in the middle of the night? He wondered what would happen to him.

He looked over the black leather seats through the broken black glass and realized he was certainly not alone. "What was that?" He said to himself quietly. He looked over and saw that he was being pulled into a lake by large strands of seaweed with bulges looking similar to muscles. "Oh God. I regret everything!" He prayed frantically. "I don't hate them. I love them. I wish they were here now. Please! Please! Help!" These were his last words before he and his challenger were fully submerged under the murky water. Gasping for breath he could not escape the grasps of the thing pulling him deeper into the lake. He slowly slipped away and lost all consciousness.

He woke up and could not see but realized that he could breathe under the water. He swam in a circle searching frantically for a place to rest. He felt a slimy creature brush his leg. "What was that?" He heard voices talking around him in different languages. "But he's just a boy. We should never have brought him here." He saw a light gradually coming closer and closer. Jake blacked out wondering what was approaching him and if he would ever see his family again.

When Jake regained consciousness he woke up and saw a light. He followed the light ; and it led him to a cold dark alley. He saw an old man shivering in the corner of the alley. As Jake was walking towards the old man, a stranger tapped his shoulders. The stranger told him not to go any further. Jake didn’t listen and went to go talk to the old man. Jake asked the old man if he was okay. “Don’t do drugs!” exclaimed the old man. The old man then decided to turn around to show his face. Jake’s jaw dropped. Jake then took a few steps back in fear. “Now you see”, that is you ten years from now” explained the stranger. “Can’t be! That man looks all broken down and hopeless” said Jake. “Well, yes, that is what drugs can do to you”, said the stranger. Jake then breaks down. He couldn’t take another look at the old man anymore. Suddenly a beam of light appeared in front of him. Jake was being pulled into the light as he entered a new world.

In front of him he saw a barren path that was leading two ways. The stranger showed him the path that led to a door. He wants Jake to see the life he could have had. He ran to the door; and it automatically opened without him even touching it. He looked around and something with white wings flew passed him . He fainted. Jake slowly started to see his future. He saw himself getting his diploma at both of his high school and college graduations. He saw his wife walking down the aisle on their wedding day with tears of joy. Lastly, he saw him and his wife holding their first child.

Jake couldn’t believe he just saw his life flash before his own eyes. He realized that he was facing death. He was scared! The suddenly a soothing voice said; “That could be your life without drugs”. Jake regained consciousness once again and slowly opened his eyes with tears streaming down his cheeks. He got up and surprisingly saw his parents talking to a man outlined by a glowing light. Jake assumed that the man must have been God. Jake seemed confused. Wait! Am I alive? Are my parents dead or is it the other way questioned Jake.

The man started to walk towards Jake, and he quickly realized it was a police officer.

“Are you okay?
“I think so,” Jake stammered.

“My name is Officer Hernandez, can you please explain what happened here?” The police officer said looking concerned.

“Honestly officer, I don’t think I can.” Jake said looking down.

“Do you know what would cause you not to remember?” Officer Hernandez questioned.

“Yes sir, my poor decisions.”

The police officer took a deep breath and continued to calmly speak to Jake to retell the events from that night.

Once Officer Hernandez finished enlightening Jake about details that he was unaware of, Jake quickly realized his mistakes, apologized, and felt guilty and relieved at the same time.

Officer Hernandez assured Jake that no one was hurt but had this occurred an hour or so earlier, there would have been large crowds leaving the baseball field up the street.

The police officer looked Jake in the eye and said, “I know you feel pretty low right now, but you have a choice to make.”

Ten years later Jake is still reflecting back to the night when he made a decision that altered the course of his life for the better.

Sitting in his backyard with his wife, he was brought back from his memories by the sound of his son laughing while driving his own little battery powered red Challenger.

Jake never thought that that horrific night would be the start to something new and exciting; a new chapter in his life. Rather than continuing on his path, Jake chose to listen and follow the good example of Officer Hernandez. In the end, Jake married the officer’s daughter, Stephanie Hernandez, and together they became the proud parents of a healthy baby boy named Lucas.
Looking at his son, he could only feel love and appreciation for the life that he chose instead of the one drugs promised him.