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Caterina Cuoco
Academy of Our Lady of Grace
Fairview (Bergen)
January 2017
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Visitation Academy
Paramus (Bergen)
February 13, 2017
February 16, 2017
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Academy of Our Lady
Glen Rock (Bergen)
March 7, 2017
March 7, 2017
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Visitation Academy
Paramus (Bergen)
March 20, 2017
March 20, 2017
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Corpus Christi School
Hasbrouck Heights (Bergen)
April 4, 2017
April 4, 2017

Mrs. Miller's Mysterious Mystery Box

2017RCAN-Stories-AOLG-IMAG0033.JPGOnce upon a time during a long winter break the students in Mrs. Miller’s first grade class were excited to talk about what they did during their time off. As the students were unpacked they discovered a very large bright pink box on the teacher’s desk. Mrs. Miller was shocked to see such enormous box in her classroom. She tried to open it but had a hard time doing it. She then buzzed the main office for Mr. Victor, the schools janitor to see if he can help out. Mr. Victor came into the classroom and was greeted by Mrs. Miller’s first grade class shouting, “Help us see that could be inside this mystery box!” He slowly opened the box in front of the class.

Everyone in the class including the teacher was on their feet waiting to see what could it be inside this large box. Mr. Victor opened the top of the box and out came the class pet, a pink pig! The class was so excited. Mr. Victor handed the pig to the teacher with a letter from the Atlantic Zoo where the pig was from. Mrs. Miller told the class to sit on the magic carpet so we can read together the letter. The letter read……

2017RCAN-Stories-AOLG-IMAG0034.JPGDear Friends,

Your teacher contacted us to see if we can have your class adopt a class pet for a few months. We decided to bring to you our newest member of the zoo. Please make sure you take good care of the pig, give it a name, feed it twice a day and clean the cage. You may bring in any type of blankets from home for your newest classmate.
Remember, have fun and share your pet with the school.

Bob Smith
The Atlantic Zoo Director

The little pig was scared to come out so Mrs. Smith decided to play some soft music and had the class sit quietly and wait to see what the pig would do. The class pet slowly sat on Mrs. Miller’s lap as she began to read a book called, Old McDonald Had a Farm. After the story, the class created a list of names for the class pet. Mrs. Miller saw that the list was very long so she decided to be fair and place all the names in a hat and the one that comes out is the chosen name for the class pet.

Mrs. Miller asked the art teacher to pick a name. The art teacher picked a piece of paper, she opened it, and she read Gumball! "Yay!", shouted the students. Bella asked, "Do we have a toy Gumball can play with?" "Of course!" said Mrs. Miller, "Gumball needs a toy!" Mrs. Miller went to the closet and got Gumball a ball to play with.
Donner image 1.jpgDonner image 3.jpgDonner image 2.jpgDonner image 4.jpg1st Gr Collaborative Story Project0001.jpg1st Gr Collaborative Story Project0002.jpg
Gumball liked the ball. He brought it into the middle of the circle of students sitting on the rug. He started to do some tricks with the ball. First, he did a front flip over the ball. Next, he did a backflip over the ball. All of the students gasped in delight, and they giggled and some said awwweee. Nathaniel said, “Hey, our pig Gumball is just like another famous pig from that story we read last week”. Scarlett shouted, “Ohh I know, he’s just like the pig in Charlotte’s Web”. They all laughed.

Gumball played and played and played. The kids had to get back to work so Gumball took a nap in his cage. It was almost time to go home. The kids packed up and said their prayers. Mrs. Miller asked the class, “What should we do with Gumball tonite”? Lilly asked Mrs Miller if she could bring Gumball home. “Awww, that’s not fair, I want to bring Gumball home too”, shouted the students.

So Mrs. Miller explained to the class that it would be better if she took Gumball home for the first night and give everyone a list of things that they would need to take care of the pig at home the next day. She told them they can all take turns taking care of Gumball after they got the things they need to take care of him. The students thought that was a great idea!

That night Mrs. Miller unlocked Gumball's cage and put some corn for him to eat and a blanket to stay warm, but she forgot to lock the cage again. Once she saw Gumball eating and resting, she went to bed herself. After Gumball finished eating, he looked around and noticed that no one was there.

So Gumball decided to venture out into Mrs. Miller's house! He was still hungry so he ran to Mrs. Miller's corn bag and ate as much corn as he could. Then he decided to jump and play on her couch. "Wow!", Gumball said. This is so much fun but I can't believe I ate all of that corn and jumped around so much! Now my belly is so full and I feel really sleepy now. I think I need to go back to sleep now!" He slowly walked back to his cage, but before he could make it back, he fell fast asleep on Mrs. Miller's rug. So while he was sleeping, he dreamed of the children and wondered what they were doing at their homes.

All of a sudden, Gumball was woken up out of a deep sleep. He heard someone rustling around the bedroom. "OH NO!! Mrs. Miller is awake, I better get back to my cage real fast before I am caught!", Gumball said nervously. So he quickly ran into his cage, without being seen and he pretended to be sleeping. Mrs. Miller needed a quick drink of water and said to herself, "I better check on Gumball to make sure he is warm enough!." She was shocked to see the door unlocked but that Gumball didn't escape! "You are such a good class pet, Gumball! I am so happy you didn't get lost in my house. The children would have been so upset!" Mrs. Miller exclaimed. With that, she decided to reward Gumball and give him some more corn but was surprised to see not much left. She said to herself, "Hmmmmm, I wonder where all the corn went?" Gumball overheard her and quickly gave a wink and turned back around and went to sleep again! His belly was full and he knew he was safe and sound!

MDSml2.jpg MDSml1.jpgMDBig.jpg

He was looking forward to the next adventure in Mrs. Miller's class!

The End!