Your class will be writing one or two paragraph(s) as a class group for the story (not one paragraph per student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will add the 3 pictures to the wiki after your class writes your paragraph(s). You can pass the writing on to the next teacher before you post your pictures. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote.

Paragraph Start Date
Paragraph Completion Date
Stephanie Gerlach
St. Leo's School
Elmwood Park (Bergen)
January 2017
January 23, 2017
Mrs. Ricciardi
Academy of the Most Blessed Sacrament
Franklin Lakes (Bergen)
February 7, 2017
February 17, 2017
Josephine Paladino
Corpus Christi School
Hasbrouck Heights (Bergen)
March 20, 2017
March 27, 2017
Kelly Oliveira
The Academy at St. Mary
Rutherford (Bergen)

Title (given by last class):

Once upon a time there were two nine-year-old boys named Albert and Max who liked to do a helpful thing called “cleaning up the Earth.” What they did was walk around with a grabber and a garbage bag and pick up any litter they could find. They spent most of their time picking up old newspapers, bottles, and cans that people were too lazy to recycle. But sometimes they found little treasures, like the day they discovered $20 stuck between the pages of an old book. Albert thought they should spend the $20 on candy and junk food and have a feast. “After all,” said Albert, “don’t we deserve a reward for all our hard work?” But Max said that they should save the money in case of an emergency. So they argued about it all day and the next day and the next day until Albert got tired of arguing, and then Max won the argument. They decided to hide the money in an old shoe box in Albert’s backyard.


One day when they were outside grabbing litter and old garbage as usual, they found something buried under a pile of rotten leaves. At first they thought it was just a plain old ordinary white glove, nothing special. But then Albert discovered something amazing. When he put the glove on his hand, his fingers began to tingle with a strange feeling of power. He decided to try and lift a huge heavy rock with his hand. It felt as light as a feather! Then Max put the glove on. He was able to lift a whole car with just one hand! They could hardly believe their good luck. With this magic glove, imagine all the amazing things they could do!

IMG_0320.JPG IMG_0323.JPG

Max and Albert made a deal that they would keep the glove a secret, for now. "We won't tell anyone." They promised each other and shook on it. They went back to Albert's backyard to hide the glove in the box with the money. They decided that maybe God wanted them to do more good for the world. They thought about all the possibilities and planned how they could improve their mission of doing good.

After a long day of discussion, they decided they had to disguise the glove. White was just too bright of a color and would stand out too much. Max was a star football player so he said, "Hey, we can paint the glove and it will look just like my football glove." Albert replied, "Yes, that's a good idea, but I'm worried the glove might not work if we paint it." Max hadn't thought of that. So they made a list of other ways to disguise the glove. Albert said, "What about gluing the leaves to it? That way we won't mess with its powers." Max agreed that would help hide the glove, but people would be suspicious when they saw them wearing a glove with leaves glued to it. The boys spent that whole Saturday trying to figure out the best plan for the glove. It grew late and was almost time for the boys to go to bed. They were returning the box of treasures to its hiding spot in the yard when something even most incredible happened! It was another white glove being blown in a breeze, and it was coming right toward them!

Max and Albert were astonished at what they were seeing. How could this be happening to them? Was is fate or just their turn to be lucky! BANG...the glove hit Albert right in the head. He fell flat on the hard concrete pavement with a concussion . Max was hysterical crying, he did not know what to do or where to go. But out of nowhere the other white glove came flying down from the backyard, swooshing down to pick Albert up. Both white gloves teamed together to get him back to consciousness. The boys realized that both gloves had magical powers, how could that even be possible! The two gloves glided simultaneously in front of Max and Albert and introduced themselves. "Hi boys, we are Jesus' Helping Hands. We were sent by God to help guide you in the right direction. We want to make sure you are doing all that you can for the environment and also to lend a helping hand to all those in need."

Wow, that's amazing! How can two boys be so blessed as to have found these white gloves. They seemed like white doves flying through the sky without a care in the world. "What can we do so that we can make an impact on the world around us like God wants us to?" "Well, you can team up with all your friends and relatives to do all you can to keep our earth clean. We also suggest that you gather extra change and items that are no longer useful and donate them to the homeless people." Then as fast as they came to the boys is as fast as they left. The boys looked up and saw a gigantic airplane with a ladder coming down through the clouds. They saw a huge shadow lifting the gloves and poof...they were gone!