Your class will be writing one or two paragraph(s) as a class group for the story (not one paragraph per student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will add the 3 pictures to the wiki after your class writes your paragraph(s). You can pass the writing on to the next teacher before you post your pictures. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote.

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Kim Fiore
Trinity Academy
Caldwell (Essex)
Maggie Pysklo
St. Thomas the Apostle School
Bloomfield (Essex)

Jennifer Goodman
Good Shepherd Academy
Irvington (Essex)
Julia Guthrie
Notre Dame Academy
Palisades Park (Bergen)


The Rapping Humanoid

It was an ordinary day with Michael, Luigi, Lily, and Jessica heading into the school building. On the way to their classroom, they spotted a poster saying “Talent Show – sign up today!”

“Let’s all sign up,” said one of the children.

These friends all wanted to participate and started talking about their special talents. The boys started with their ideas. Michael holds a green belt in karate and is a star pitcher for his travel baseball team. Luigi loves to tell jokes and is a good comedian. Next the girls shared their talents with the group. Lily is a very talented gymnast and Jessica loves to roller skate and sing. The four friends were talking about the talent show when suddenly they heard a loud noise. When they turned around they could not believe their eyes!

There was a crash outside. A meteor crashed outside of their school. The stage where they were to perform was destroyed. Suddenly the meteor cracked open and 5 aliens emerged from the rock.

In front of Michael, Luigi, Lily, and Jessica stood green slimy leprechaun humanoid aliens. The aliens started break dancing and rapping. They introduced themselves to the kids as Sollymon the First, and second, Bub the third, and fourth, Tiny muffin. They challenged the kids in the talent show to see who is more talented.

“You want to challenge us?” asked Michael.
“Why would we want to challenge aliens!” shouted Lily.
“Look what you did?” cried Jessica.
“You destroyed our stage!” yelled Luigi.

The four friends were really upset and didn’t know what to do. They looked around and saw all of their classmate s with frightened looks on their faces and they new they had to come up with a plan. Quickly they gathered all of the fourth graders and came up with a routine using all of their talents. Together they came up with a show that would blow everyone away!!

Looking Sollymon the first, and second, Bud the Third, and fourth, Tiny muffin in their one eye, they busted out a beat and rapped, “Challenge Accepted!"

As they quickly got into their positions, Michael and Luigi started beat boxing. While the boys beat boxed, Lily and Jessica started their routine. They were pretty good. Their rap was about their 4th grade special moments. Once they were done, the aliens started. The aliens were really good. Their rap was amazing. Everyone was wowed by their moves. At this point, the children thought they lost. And they did!

Sollymon the I and II said, "you you beat us?!" All of the other aliens laughed.
Tiny Muffin said, "I think we should help them."But Sollymon III and IV said "in your sweet dreams, Tiny Muffin!"Tiny Muffin said "that is not nice."The aliens saw the children's disappointment and said, "let's build the stage together with the valuables we bought!""Really?? Thank you so much" exclaimed Lily.The aliens said sorry and called the builder and designer aliens to rebuild the stage. The clouds started to clear. But before they left, they asked them to perform with them.


"Hit it!" said Jessica. The music started to play and they did an amazing dance. "We are a good team," said Lily. "Yeah," agreed Michael. Now the children and aliens were friends forever.
Friends forever!