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Mrs. Beth McNamara
Our Lady of the Lake School
Verona (Essex)
January 17, 2017
January 24, 2017
Ms. Stamer
St. John the Apostle School
Clark (Union)
January 24, 2017
February 8, 2017
Mrs. McGrath
Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy
Elizabeth (Union)

Jill Spellman
Holy Trinity School
Westfield (Union)
May 24, 2017
May 31, 2017

The Swirl of Spring Break

Grade 5 RCAN story

On a warm, muggy spring day Isabelle, Anne, John and Jeff were sitting in their last period class which was Science. Anne looked at her three friends and knew instinctively that they were all daydreaming about spring break which was only a few minutes away. Suddenly, Anne heard the distant ringing of a bell. Not realizing that it was Ms. Newman ringing the bell on her desk to get them focused back on the task at hand. Anne then heard Ms. Newman saying “Children, I need you to be listening to the directions of the project.” “Project, what project?” Anne wondered. Looking around, she realized that she was not the only one who was not focused. “You have to write a biography report about a famous inventor. Here is the paper explaining the project,” explained Ms. Newman. Suddenly the dismissal bell rang and all the children took the paper and ran for the door. Ms. Newman stopped them to explain that the project was due when they returned from spring break.
The four friends decided to go to the town library right after school to begin researching information about different inventors. Arriving at the library, they went straight to the computers to look up inventors. John said,”Wouldn’t it be great if we could interview one.” Anne said,”That would be nice except some of them aren't alive today.” While Isabelle, John and Anne were researching on the computers, Jeff decided to explore some of the old books that were on the shelves. Jeff noticed a dusty, falling apart, thick book and decided to look at it. As he was flipping through the discolored pages, a paper fell out of it. Picking it up off the floor and opening it, he noticed that it was a map of some sort with an X marked over a body of water. Jeff brought it over to show the group. Isabelle looked at it and noticed a familiar sight on the map. “Look, it’s the lake in the woods near your house John. Let’s go over and see what this X might mean.” said Isabelle. Everyone decided that the research could wait since their spring vacation had just started. With their hearts racing, they left the library, got on their bikes and followed the map through the woods to the lake.
Once they arrived at the lake, they noticed that the water was turquoise in color and it was swirling around in a counterclockwise manner. The children stood there mesmerized by the swirling water. Taking the map from Jeff, Anne noticed that the X was right over the center of the moving water. John thought there must be something significant about the water. He picked up a few stones and started to try to throw them into the center of the swirl. After a few tries, a stone hit bulls eye into the center. Slowly the water started to decline in speed. Seeing this, the other children picked up some stones and started to throw them in. Soon the water slowed down to a complete stop. The children were not sure why the water had stopped moving. “Maybe there is something magical about the center of the water,” Isabelle said. Suddenly, before their eyes, the center of the water parted to reveal a set of stairs. Being the adventurous one, Jeff suggested that they see where the stairs lead to. Nervously, the children swam out to the center. Once there, they walked slowly down the darkened stairwell. It seems that the stairs led to an underground tunnel. After walking for what seemed like an hour when it was only minutes, Anne suggested that they turn around and go back. “I am not sure I want to continue with this. We don’t know where this is going to lead us to.” Anne replied nervously. Just when they were ready to turn around and go back, they saw a beam of light in the distance. John said,”Maybe we should follow the light. It will probably bring us to the other side of the lake.” They all agreed to continue on. As they got closer to the light, they heard voices in the distance and sound of what appeared to be wagon wheels moving over cobblestones. As the children emerged out of the light, they realized that something was wrong. They saw men on horseback, ladies wearing long dresses and bonnets and cobblestone streets. The children looked at each other in stunned confusion. Anne was the first one to speak. “Where are we?” she asked.

They walked out onto the cobblestone street and looked around. The children were able to see more of their surroundings. Isabelle looked at Anne and said “Were you wearing that before?” Anne looked down, and noticed that she was wearing a baby blue colored dress with a white bonnet on her head. “I don’t own a bonnet, Isabelle!” she replied. Jeff noticed that their outfits had changed, too. The boys donned a pair of suspenders and black trousers with a cotton shirt. The children started to walk, after adjusting to their new outfits. John saw a cow in the barn on the right side of the cobblestone street. Jeff cried out, “Look! There’s a chicken, too!” They all went into the barn to take a closer look at the animals that they saw. Suddenly, the farmer approached the children. “What are you doing here?!” the farmer exclaimed. His voice was scratchy, loud, and terrifying to the children, so much so that they jumped at the sound of it. Anne, being so frightened by the farmer, yelled “I want my mommy!” Isabelle started to stutter “We-we-we’re lost...and-and-we’re trying to get back home.” “I don’t care! Get out of my barn!” screamed the farmer at the children. The surly old farmer chased the children out of his barn.

Once, out on the cobblestone streets, the children saw a man passing by. This man, who saw what had happened, said to them “Don’t mind him. That’s grumpy old Farmer Bob”. John replied to the strange man, “Thank you for that information. Farmer Bob really scared us, but I guess he’s harmless. Have a great day!” Jeff added “Wait! What year is it?” The strange man replied “Why it’s 1689! Why do you ask?” “We are trying to get home,” replied Anne. “Thank you for your help,” Isabelle said.

The children then continued down the cobblestone street. Isabelle cried out “Look! There’s an abandoned house to the left.” What the children didn’t realize, was that the strange man had been following them down the street. Jeff suggested that they see what they could discover inside this home. The children slowly, and cautiously, walked up to the abandoned house. The strange man continued to follow the children. “Wait up!” he called to the them. “Why don’t you come to my house, where I will feed you, and let you sleep? You seem tired from your journey.” Anne yelled “Run!” and all the children bolted into the abandoned house, for fear of this man. The door, slammed behind them, all on it’s own.

When the kids were inside the house, they walked around to see what was inside. No matter how far or how long they searched, nothing could be found inside the house. John suddenly yelled “Hey guys! I found something!” The children ran towards John to see what he found. John held up an old, worn journal with pages falling out. Suddenly, the door to the house opened up slightly, and produced an ominous green glow. John dropped the book, in surprise, and the light went out. Jeff, being the adventurous one, picked up the book again. As soon as the book entered his hands, the green glow appeared again. Isabelle said “Let’s see where the door takes us.” The children walked trembling toward the glow of the door.
Suddenly, a swirl of wind swept the children up off the floor, and dragged them into the glow. They arrived on another cobblestone street with wagons passing by. As they saw the wagons pass by, the heard voices speaking with an English accent. “Bonjour!” a man said to the group. “My name is Denis Papin, and welcome to London.”
They all looked around and were very confused. They all wondered where they were. They did not see the glowing green light anymore but, what was that up ahead? Isabelle walked up the cobblestone path and peered through the old rusty stained glass window. Jack turned around and saw an incredible large Ferris wheel. Then, they felt eyes on their backs and turned to see a mysterious man following them. He was wearing all black with a green beret over his curly white hair.

“Wait a minute”, said Anne. “Something isn’t right here. That Ferris wheel back there - it can’t be. I am doing my report on the Ferris Wheel for science class. It was invented by George Ferris in 1893 for the Chicago World’s Fair”.

John interjected, “Denis Papin said we were in London, so that must be the “Great Wheel”. It was modeled after the Ferris Wheel! But that man near Farmer Bob’s farm told us it was 1689! Somehow we are stuck in some kind of crazy time warp.”

Isabelle added, “It has something to do with that old journal that Jeff is holding. But, I really don’t like the look of this creepy guy with the beret who is following us!”

“Me neither,” said Jeff. “Run to the Great Wheel, quickly!”

The four friends took off towards the Great Wheel, and sure enough, the mysterious man started to run after them. All the running caused his beret and curly white wig to fall off and revealed a shiny, bald head.

“He really doesn’t look friendly!” said Jeff. “Cut in front of that line of people, we have to get on that Great Wheel NOW!”

John added, “It has 40 cars and each can hold about 40 people. We’ll squeeze in somehow. Run faster!”

The four kids jumped into one of the spacious empty cars. The bald man slipped through the door of the car at the very last second and shouted, “Please, stop running and listen to me! I overheard that one of you is doing a report on my invention and I wanted to assist you”. At that moment he removed the bald cap from his head.

“You’re George Ferris? That’s amazing!” said Anne. As the Great Wheel began to turn, George Ferris told the kids everything they could possibly know about his amazing invention.

When there was finally a break in the conversation about steel and steam engines and axles, John said, “This is all incredibly interesting, and I don't want to be rude, but how are we getting home?”

George Ferris answered, “That’s actually quite easy to do. Just turn to page 157 in that magic journal you're holding”.

Jeff opened the journal to page 157 and instantly the pages began to give off a green glow. The Great Wheel started to pick up speed. Soon they were spinning so fast they could no longer see the ground below or the sky above. When the spinning finally stopped, the kids found themselves at the top of the stairs in the middle of the lake. They could see John’s house off in the distance and there were four bikes parked at the edge of the lake.

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