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Madeline Cuffari
Our Lady of Czestochowa School
Jersey City (Hudson)
Mrs. Amanda Baier
St. Leo's School
Elmwood Park (Bergen)
Ann Frank
Academy of Saint Paul
Ramsey (Bergen)
Mrs. Andrea Neuman
Holy Spirit School
Union (Union)
Jeff Moeller
St. Joseph Academy
Bogota (Bergen)

Mrs. Linda Hodges
St. Peter's Academy
River Edge (Bergen)

Title (given by last class): The Wish I Wished I Never Wished

"Come on, Zach, it's time to go to the dentist", I said, trying to get Zach to come to the car. "Rain?", he asked me, looking out the window.
"No rain", I sighed. Zach has autism and I sometimes feel overwhelmed, and even embarrassed, having to always calm him down; which then leads me to feel guilty about feeling embarrassed in the first place.

After a frustrating and long appointment, all I wanted to do was play video games, but Zach was right there as my shadow. "Peter, I wanna play Rocket League!" he told me. I wanted to say no, but my parents would yell at me for not including him. Ever since Zach was diagnosed my parents don't pay attention to me, they spend all of their energy on Zach, they seem to forget that I am only eleven years old. "Alright, Zach, you can play after me", I said warily. "NO! I want to play NOW!" My mother was giving me the look, so I slowly handed him the controller. "Have fun", I said halfheartedly. I stormed to my room and slammed the door shut. My first thought was: I wish I never had a brother.

2017RCAN-Stories-SPA01.jpgFrustrated and annoyed, I fell on my bed and let my previous thoughts gnaw at me until I drifted off into a deep sleep.
“Peter, let’s go, time for dinner!” Mom shouted up the steps.

I opened my eyes and felt like I had been asleep for hours rather than a few minutes. I got up, yawned, and stretched. My hands felt tight, and my arms were stiff. Shaking off the feeling, I got up and started to make my way downstairs. As I was walking, it felt like I was walking on water; I felt unbalanced. My eyes widened when the smell of tacos lingered through the air. Tacos? Usually when Zach was upset or yelled, his favorite dinner, mac and cheese, was sitting on the table regardless of what I wanted.

Without thinking, I started walking towards the kitchen until I saw my parents sitting in the dining room. Why are they in the dining room? I thought. The dining room was only ever used for holidays because when Zach got upset he would throw food on the floor. It was easier for Mom to clean Zach’s mess off of linoleum floors rather than carpet. I stopped in the doorway to process what was going on.

“Mom, where’s Zach?” I asked.
“Who?” she responded with a puzzled look on her face.

"You know, my brother?" I replied.

"Peter, you know you're an only child. Stop playing games and eat your dinner!" Mom answered sternly.

Dazed and confused, I ran over to get our family photo album to show my mother that I wasn't crazy. I flipped the album open to our latest family portrait and held it up to show my mother.

My mother pointed at the photo and said, "Yes, here is your father, and you, and me." I turned the album to look at the photo and realized Zach wasn't in the picture. After a moment of confusion, my mind began to think of all of the things I would finally be able to do without him around anymore.

After dinner, I started toward my room, but stopped at Zach's door along the way. I turned the doorknob and opened the door only to find rain boots and coats. Zach's room was a closet.

2017RCAN-Stories-SPA02.jpgAs I got ready for bed, I thought about how Zach and I would always race to see who could be ready the fastest. I began to miss him and I climbed into my bed. Just then, I heard a knock at my door. "Peter," my dad began, "it's only 8:30. You don't have to go to bed yet."

"But you said since Zach's bedtime was 8:30 that I had to go to bed as well," I replied.

"Peter, stop with the Zach nonsense!" my dad responded.

That night, I drifted off to sleep wondering where Zach was and if I would ever see him again. The next morning, as I walked to my homeroom, I spotted Zach.

"Zach! Zach! Zach!" I yelled as I ran up and hugged my brother.

"Uh...," he replied looking at me confused. "Do I know you?"

Then the bell rang, and a teacher approached me. "You should be in class," the teacher exclaimed, "go to the principal's office for a late slip!" As I walked down the hallway, I suddenly saw darkness and felt like I was getting pulled somewhere. I opened my eyes and saw an odd man in front of me.
Future Peter.jpgtime machine.jpg

The odd man broke the silence by saying, "I am you from the future," he continued, "you have made a grave mistake." He pulled out a circular object then, POOF, a blinking machine appeared. "This is a time machine," he explained, "For each of Zach's seven years of life, find seven items to prove that he is your brother." "If you don't find them by midnight, you will no longer have any memory of Zach," he said. "Good Luck," yelled future Peter and in a snap he disappeared.
"Wait, I have so many questions," I yelled. Then the door to the time machine closed on me and with a flash I was back in my house.
Peter Memories.jpg

My thoughts were racing, " seven items," I thought. "This is crazy, seven items! This is madness!" I went to the principal's office. I was very nervous because he secretary who wrote the slips was very strict. She could also be very nice, but you could hear and sense the strictness in her voice.

"Hello, Peter, what can I do for you today," she exclaimed. "I was late, may I have a late slip, please?" I asked. "Of course," she replied., "but you're not a baby anymore. You can't be late. I high school, you will get a detention for that. Just be careful, ok?" I tried to take my time and wanted to think about what she had told me. I knew I wasn't a baby anymore. "That's it!" I exclaimed. Luckily, no one heard me. The first item must have been from when Zack was a baby.

I can't express how confused I was, I was walking home from school and I suddenly warped to my house at 10:00 p.m. I still hadn't found any items, and it was currently 11:59. Would I ever see my brother again? Would I have to live the rest of my life without him, regretting the awful wish I had made because I was angry?

Future Peter interrupted my thoughts. It was midnight; all my chances were over. 'You haven't proven that you are worthy enough to get your brother back," he said, "and you will have to live without him forever. You're an uncaring brother and you do not deserve his love."

I was speechless and in a total daze. I couldn't believe Future Peter could say that I didn't love Zach. After a few seconds of silence, I started to weep. My watery eyes shed a single tear while I noticed a single shooting star flying overhead.

"Peter? Peter! Wake up. Why are you crying? asked Zach, my older brother. He put his hand on my shoulder and looked concerned. I remembered at that moment that I was the younger son. I am autistic. Was this all a dream? I hugged Zach and said, "I never wanted you to leave me! I'm sorry for wishing that you were gone."

"What are you talking about? I was always here," he exclaimed. "But it's okay, I know I can be annoying sometimes." Zach put his arm around me and we walked down the stairs to eat dinner. We were having my favorite dinner, tacos, because I was so upset before I fell asleep. At least that's what my brother told me. All the while the words, "Be careful what you wish for" echoed in my mind.

"Hey, Peter, do you want to play Rocket League with me after dinner?" asked Zach.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I shouted.

I was the happiest boy in the world!!

------------ Final paragraphs