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St.Peter Academy
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A "Fairy Tale" Ending

Everyone has been there at one time or another. It's those moments in life when one wishes that they could turn back time and handle something differently. Eighth grade is no different. At this point in a student's life, it's easy to be distracted by future possibilities and even easier to forget about the past. However, with the past making us who we are, it wouldn't be fair to forget who supported us along the way.

Eighth grader Molly is the type of girl who believes life is just like the movies. She lives her life with the idea that everything works out the way it should and that fairy tale endings ALWAYS exist. Anxiously awaiting her acceptance letters, she expected nothing less than getting into the co-ed high school of her choice and going there with her best friend, John. John, on the other hand, is quite different from Molly. While Molly has many other friends, John is often by himself in school if he isn't with Molly. Before Molly moved to town, John was quite the loner-type. However, on the day he met Molly, that quickly changed. When John was around ten years old, he was riding his bike at a park on Main Street, when he suddenly hit a speed bump, flipped over his handlebars, and knocked out his front teeth. As a group of boys at the park started making fun of him, Molly, who was out walking her dog and exploring her new neighborhood, made sure he was okay. From that point on, their relationship was more like being brother and sister and less like being just friends. It seemed as if their friendship would stand the test of time, and their futures would bring them to the same high school.

The bell rings, signaling the class's dismissal. Molly and John walk home together, splitting up once they reach John's house. After Molly proceeds to her house, she finds a red envelope in her mailbox, with the name of the her first high school choice written upon the center. Grabbing the envelope, she heads inside the house, walking excitedly to her room. Anxiously staring at the envelope in her hand, she decides to call John, who answers almost immediately. "John, did you get a letter from P. Sherman High, and if you did, do you want to open it together?" Molly eagerly asks, John replying yes.

The sound of ripping paper was heard from the other side of the phone. Molly quickly skims through the letter, trying to find her results. On the other end, John let out a victorious laugh. "I got accepted!" John exclaims. Meanwhile, Molly bites her lip and reads over her the mid section of the acceptance letter with complete and utter disbelief. "Our high school has offered admission for the maximum number of candidates that can be admitted at this time. For this reason, we have establish a waiting list and you have been selected as one of the applicants granted wait list status." She reads inaudibly, nobody but herself being able to properly hear. "Huh? Did you get in?" John asks, oblivious to what she had said. With dejection, Molly lies, replying that she had. "John, I'll speak to you tomorrow. I'll go tell my parents about the letter and my results now." She hangs up the phone, not bothering to wait for a reply, and heads into the kitchen where her parents were located. As soon as they averted their gaze to the disheartened girl, Molly begins to cry while tightening her grip on the now crumpled letter. "I was w-wait listed by P. Sherman..." Molly stammers, as she lays the paper onto the kitchen table. Not wanting to hear her parents' words of consolation, she storms back into her room and locks the door, shutting herself in.

The next day at school Molly tried to avoid John for as long as possible, but running into him was inevitable. "Hey Molly! How excited are you that we are going to P. Sherman together?" John exclaimed with a huge smile on his face. "Oh um, yeah I'm excited," Molly replied nervously. "Molly is something wrong?" John asked her. "Everything is fine. I'm just really tired. I was up late celebrating my acceptance with my parents," Molly lied hoping he wouldn't notice how she was shaking. Molly and John never lied to each other and she hated herself for not being able to just tell him the truth. "That's so fun Molly! My mom actually wanted to throw a party for us tonight! She is so excited that we are going to P. Sherman and stay friends! She said she was going to talk to your parents today, and I'm sure they will say yes!" Molly was freaking out inside.

Now he would know that she didn't get in and that she lied to him. She knew she had to do something. "Yeah John that sounds great. I'll catch up with you later. I have to go." Molly walked away with her head down and immediately went to her locker and called her mom. "Hey Mom it's Molly. Did you get a call from John's mom today? No. That's great. I need you to do me a favor. Tell her I got into P. Sherman High."
Molly's mom was confused on why she was telling her to lie. "Molly, why do I have to lie. Did you tell John that you didn't get in," Molly's mom said. Molly answered nervously," no mom, I didn't tell John about not getting in. I told him I got in instead.
I was very heartbroken to hear that he got accepted and I didn't. I started to cry. "H-he has be-been my best friend and I really wanted to go to that school with him,"
"I'll tell them that you got in, Molly, but you have to promise to tell John the truth tonight," stated her mom. "I will, I promise, mom."
She hung up the phone and sat there wondering how she was going to tell John. She knew that she had to tell him without anyone around. She decided they would walk and get ice cream, and on the way back, she would tell him. Molly texted John about getting ice cream , and he replied, "OK."

Later that day, Molly and John went out for ice cream. While they were eating, Molly kept thinking about her letter. The thought of not being accepted to P. Sherman High was causing her to feel ashamed, and unworthy. The thought of not being honest with John was making her feel guilty. Molly got up to get more napkins and while she was gone John noticed her back pack was opened. He got up to zip it shut, and noticed the letter with the P. Sherman Logo. He couldn't help himself, he read the letter. John was shocked and angry, he could not believe that Molly had lied to him.

"What is this?" John asked when she returned.
"Oh, um, I was going to tell you, I was just waiting for the right time." replied Molly.
"How could you hide something like this from me? I'm your best friend. We don't keep secrets from each other."
"Honestly, I was going to tell you today, I just didn't know how." said Molly.

John stormed off. He was hurt and angry and not willing to forgive her. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. John still could not forgive her. Honesty was very important to him and he could not get past this. It was obvious to him that their friendship was over.

Fall came and John began his freshman year at P. Sherman High while Molly, who never got off the wait list, attended her town high school. Although their friendship ended, they each moved on and made new friends. Molly will always remembers the great memories she and John shared AND she will always remember the day she realized that life does not always have fairy tale endings.