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Mar 23
Mrs.Alexandra Arcuri
St. Leo's School
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Apr 13

Gorgo’s Adventure

Deep in the woods in a faraway land lived a strange-looking creature called Gorgo. Gorgo had the long skinny legs of a deer, the giant wings of an eagle, and the long trunk and floppy ears of an elephant. The other animals in the forest were afraid of him because of the way he looked. Because he had no friends, Gorgo was very lonely. But he never stopped trying to be helpful and kind to the other animals. “One day,” he thought, “ I will make a friend. I just know it!”


One day, during his daily walk, Gorgo came across Rabbit, who was trembling behind a blueberry bush. “Don’t be afraid,” said Gorgo. “I won’t hurt you. I want to be your friend.” Ordinarily Rabbit would have hopped away. But this time Rabbit said, “I am hiding from Fox. He is after me and wants to eat me.” “Jump on my back,” said Gorgo. “With my long legs, I can run faster than Fox! I will make sure he can’t catch you!”


Rabbit decided to trust Gorgo, and jumped on his back. When Fox saw Rabbit, he began to chase them. But Gorgo’s legs were indeed faster, and before long Fox gave up the chase. “Thank you,” said Rabbit. “You are not so terrible after all. Can we be friends?” “Nothing would make me happier,” answered Gorgo. “Come to my cave tomorrow. We will have a party to celebrate!”


Feeling much more cheerful, Gorgo continued on his walk. It wasn’t long before he heard someone sobbing loudly overhead. It was Bear, who was perched on a branch of a very tall, tall tree. “Don’t be afraid,” said Gorgo. “I won’t hurt you. I want to be your friend.” “I…I… climbed too high,” sobbed Bear. “Now I’m afraid to come back down. What if I fall?” “Don’t be afraid,” said Gorgo. “I will use my wings to fly to the top of the tree to help you down. Gorgo said, “stay right there buddy I am coming for you.” Bear grabs onto the wings and jumps right on Gorgo’s back and together they fly down to the ground where now the bear is safe. Bear looks at Gorgo and smiles and says, Thank you for saving me! You are a special friend. Gorgo was so happy to hear that and he asked Bear to come to his party tomorrow at the cave with Rabbit.


The next day Gorgo was so excited to finally have some friends over for a party. He decorated his cave with balloons and made pizza and cupcakes for his friends. He also had music and made some homemade games so that they can play together. The doorbell rang and Gorgo went to get the door and in came Rabbit and Bear. They enjoyed the day together. The three friends played a game by building a tower using animal crackers. Gorgo was so happy to have friends at his cave.


It was time for Bear and Rabbit to leave, so they helped clean up the cave. While they were cleaning, Rabbit heard a noise coming from the window. The three friends went outside to see if they can find the noise. Rabbit looked up and saw something on the roof making a meow sound.


Rabbit saw something on the roof making a meow sound it was a cat. The cat said “Help, help! I can’t get down!” Gorgo said “I’ll use my elephant trunk to save you. Slide down it.” Cat slides down the trunk. “Thank you for your help!” said the cat. My name is Kate the cat. Gorgo replies hello my name is Gorgo and these are my friends, Bob the Bear and Rob the rabbit. We just had a celebration of friendship in my cave. Would you like to be our friend? “Yes!” Said Kate the Cat.


The next day, they decided to go on an adventure together. They went for a hike and found pebbles. They came along a cool looking tree that leaned over a pond. In the pond, they saw a frog on a lily pad, a turtle, and a duck swimming. Then, they decided to go swimming together. They swam all day long and ate fish, blueberries, and worms! Once they dried off they decide to use the pebbles to play hopscotch. They had such a fun day.


From that day forward the four friends liked to go on adventures together and they were always Best Friends!


The End