Your class will be writing one or two paragraph(s) as a class group for the story (not one paragraph per student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will add the 3 pictures to the wiki after your class writes your paragraph(s). You can pass the writing on to the next teacher before you post your pictures. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote.

Paragraph Start Date
Paragraph Completion Date
Due by
Ms Jennifer Goodman
Good Shepherd Academy

Jan 26
Ms. Joanna Vargas
St. Leo's School
Elmwood Park
April 19, 2018

Mrs. McGrath
St. John the Apostle School
May 11, 2018
May 11, 2018

Title (given by last class): The Unknown

Once upon a time there was a fourth grade class who desperately wanted to go on a field trip. Their teacher, Miss G, told them they could go wherever they wanted, however they would need to fund raise to get the money. After months of selling everything from pencils to cupcakes the class finally had enough money to go to the Liberty Science Center.

The day came and the children were so excited. They had their day planned for the past couple of weeks so they wouldn’t miss anything. When they got there the children headed right for their starting point, the Touch Tunnel. Of course when they saw how dark it was they asked Miss G to go first. So off she went! It was so dark and scary that it felt like the end was nowhere in sight. Miss G was so scared she started to cry. All of a sudden the tunnel came to an end. Now everyone was panicking. As Miss G tried to think of plan, the wall she was leaning on opened.

The students were suddenly surrounded by very bright light and covered their eyes. When they finally opened them, they soon realized they were on a beach. As they looked around, they discovered they were actually on a rather small, hilly, deserted island. The sun was beating down on them and it was very hot. They could see the beautiful sparkling ocean in the distance ahead, and it was making them extremely thirsty. They decided it would be wise to search for water while they still had their strength. Then, they heard voices.

“Hello out there” Miss G yelled. To their surprise, someone yelled, “hello,” back. They followed the noise until they came to a group of children and their teacher, Ms. V. They soon learned this was another group of fourth grade students who also went on a field trip to the Liberty Science Center. They too were thirsty and hungry and had started exploring the tropical island. In fact, they were following footsteps in the sand. They decided it was best to all stick together. Soon, they noticed the footsteps were leading to a hut. At this point they realized this might be their only chance of getting a drink, as well as finding a way home.

All the children rushed to the door. The teachers ran to try and stop them from all entering the mysterious hut, but one child had already snuck in. Once he stepped in, he was shocked to find a man with crazy white hair wearing a lab coat. Upon closer observation, he also noticed the man wore a Liberty Science Center employee badge. The boy decided this man looked like a crazy scientist, who looked quite confused to find him standing there.

Frantically, everyone ran after the boy and as they got to the hut the man caught their attention. We asked him his name and where was he from. He did not answer. Again we asked, again no reply. We all called out to him, "Please, ice cold water and sweet juicy treats pleeeease." Was he a wizard or truly a scientist? All of a sudden we heard CRASH, a clap of thunder and all screamed in fear and then there was darkness.

Suddenly a shiny blue light appeared in the distance gleaming like a reflection off of glass. Then, out of nowhere a path with lit torches appeared. We began to follow the winding path. We heard the loud cries of many different animals but, could not see them. We kept looking around. There it stood, another hut. This time it was much bigger. It appeared to be filled with drinks and treats. We noticed the teachers and "the man" were gone. We thought we would find them in the hut. We made it inside and it was barren. Could it be a portal? The walls began to close in on us.

We were back at The Liberty Science Center with Mrs. G. What was a friendly field trip turned into an unknown mysterious adventure. What will our next field trip bring?