Progressive Story!

The 2017 Participating School Map

An Opportunity

  • This is based on a project called Write On...Our Progressive Story.
  • There will be three to five classes in each progressive story depending upon enrollment in the project.
  • Class one writes an introduction to a fictional story. Please keep the topic in line with something that your principal, pastor, and the superintendent of schools would be proud to read.
  • Class two reads the introductory paragraph and writes the next paragraph to extend the story.
  • Class three reads the first two paragraphs and continues the plot and characters.
  • Class four reads the first three paragraphs and writes the concluding paragraph. The fourth class creates a title for the story.
  • The students will make a collaborative drawing or drawings to illustrate their paragraph.
  • Registration will be open December 11, 2016 through December 23, 2016. Story writing can begin any time after Christmas break. It would be helpful to try to complete each section within about two weeks. I hope to put all the stories in an electronic book before the end of the school year.

The Next Steps

  • Please complete this form to have your students become part of this project. (See stories written last year.)
  • Once there are four classes registered in a similar grade level, I will share contact information with the group.
  • Each teacher is required to make contact with the next teacher in the group to let them know when a class has finished and the next group should begin.
  • Create a free Wikispaces account and ask to join the wiki. I can provide you with a guest wiki account. Once you join you will have editing privileges for the page. Use THIS link to watch a video on how to register for a free account, how to edit the story page, and how to add an image. You may want to ask your school technology integration specialist for assistance.
  • Classes can creatively extend the project by recording narrations and creating an audiobook, a video, or meeting each other via a Skype call.